Everyone-loving Gift: Fukusaya Cube Castella Cake (フクサヤキューブ) available at Haneda and Narita

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Flow-state trip makes you forget about gifts for your friend

“Are you ready to order?” “Oh, sorry not yet.” “Can I get you any drink first?” “Uhh…let me see…” – Playing catch between a waiter/waitress and a customer. Such scenes can be easily seen at a cafe or a restaurant. Maybe, the customer is into a conversation with a long-time-no-see friend, or in another case husband might read out loud a love letter to his wife. When people are in a “flow state” as positive psychology says, the outside world is missing. Similarly to this, something like this may happen at airport after you had an incredibly enjoyable FLOW trip; “Oh, I haven’t get souvenirs yet!

Everyone-loving sweets still available right before take-off


In such a situation, why don’t you take a package of the Fukusaya Cube Castella Cake (フクサヤキューブ)? This traditional Japanese cake, being said to be inspired by Spanish and Portuguese some 500 years ago, would be the best choice for your OMIYAGE gifts. Made of egg, sugar, wheat and starch syrup, the simple snack will also especially work as everyone-loving small gifts for the “outer circle” of your friends. Just two little slices in one box, they never feel it’s too much, while it’s appropriate for showing your appreciation to them.   

Last but not least, please do not forget telling them “peel a thin paper at the bottom before eat.” 

Omiyage (おみやげ): gifts, souvenirs

Produced by:
Fukusaya (福砂屋)

egg, sugar, wheat, and starch syrup

Best before date:
Within 6 days of purchase

Quantity and Price (Kayanoya Low Sodium Dashi):
2 slices in one box / 270 yen (approx. 2 USD. tax included)

Available at:
Fukusaya shops around Japan including Haneda and Narita airports 
https://www.fukusaya.co.jp/store/ (only available in Japanese)


Today’s なるほど (Naruhodo)!Point:

Buy some Fukusaya Cube Castella Cake for small gifts at airport before your flight.


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