Learn Japanese with Unko Poop Hiragana Drill (うんこひらがなドリル)

April is the month of beggining a new term here in Japan, and first-grade pupils start learning how to write the Japanese Alphabets, namely Hiragana and Katakana.

And of course I remember when I was a very diligent kid doing homework hard everyday, but it’s often boring to learn something formally.

If you are a lazy Japanese learner, this Unko Poop Hiragana Drill (うんこひらがなドリル) would be the first step for you.

“We wish kids would pleasantly acquire Hiragana skills by using poops which keep them excited while learning” – In line with the publisher’s message, I’m sure you will enjoy writing all 50 Hiragana characters with poop-related sample sentences for each of them.

They are like:
– Kawaii Unko かわいいうんこ (cute poop)
– Unko ga aruku うんこがあるく (poop walks)
– Unko mitaina hana うんこみたいなはな (poop-shaped flower)

unko drill

As you move on to the next character with the guide of Unko Inu (poop dog), you will be gradually caught up in the fragrant world of Unko, but please be aware that do not hold it, touch it and play with it. And then, the most important message from Unko Inu to you all is “Do it in toilet!

unko drill

Unko (うんこ): poop

Produced by:
Bunkyosha publishing (文響社)

Available at:
Major bookstores throughout Japan such as Sanseido, Junkudo, and Kinokuniya. *Below is an image of campaign dest at Ikebukuro Sanseido.

unko drill

Today’s なるほど (Naruhodo)!Point:

Unko drill will help you learn hiragana with joy and excitement.


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