Shio Jizou Buddha Statue of Nishiarai-Daishi Temple(西新井大師の塩地蔵): Symbol of Everything Is Related With Each Other

Nishiarai-Daishi: Popular temple for new years’ visit

In Tokyo, Nishiarai-Daishi Temple is one of popular destinations among those who pay a New Year’s visit to a shrine or temple. In addition to the Main Hall,  there are some another praying spots within the temple. One of them is the Shio Jizou Buddha Statue (塩地蔵). Shio means salt. Literally, Shio Jizou is filled with massive amount of salt. But why? There is a story behind it.


Everything is related with each other. And so is salt.

Since 400 years ago, it has been believed that if you take some salt and rub it on a certain point on your body where you feel pain or unwell, it will be improved. If you get better, you are requested to give back the double amount of salt you took to the Shio Jizou. Thus, salt, which is said to purify anything bad, is always being circulated. In other words, your salt becomes someone’s salt. And vice versa. This also stands for the view of the world of the Buddhism, which is “Nothing is independent. Everything is related with each other in a certain way.” 



Shio (塩): Salt

Located at: 
1-15-1 Nishi-Arai, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
*Below is an image of the Main Hall of Nishiarai-Daishi Temple.



Today’s なるほど (Naruhodo)!Point:

Shio Jizou’s salt symbolises “Everything is related with each other”, the view of the world of the Buddhism.


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