Season Pasta with Kayanoya Dashi Stock (茅乃舎だし)

Bring your eyes to backseat players of cooking

This year’s cherry blossom season is underway right now, and many people must have enjoyed Hanami flower watching by this week end. Their focus is always on flowers, but there are lots of backseat players such as trunks and roots supporting the bloom.

Dashi stock also works behind the scenes of cooking. Not strong as mayonaise or chili sauce, but it is crucial for everyday Japanese cuisine. Further more, it goes quite well with western dishes, too.

Suggested a new avenue for your self-cooking pasta

If you’re looking for a bit new flavour for your self-cooking pasta, it’s worth trying Dashi stock. You might say, “I don’t know how to use it”, but no worries. I will show you a super-easy recipe with one of Japanese signature products, Kayanoya Dashi stock:


  1. Boil pasta.
  2. Cut your 3 favourite vegs. Maybe, onion plus two kinds of green leaves are old stand-by?
  3. Choose your 1 favourite protein. I used salmon flakes today. Tuna is also my cup of tea. 
  4. Put olive oil on a pan, and stir fry the vegs, proteins, and boiled pasta with a pinch of salt and pepper.
  5. After a few minutes, add Kayanoya Dashi stock powder (a tablespoon is fine just for you.) and a bit of soy sauce (a teaspoon is fine just for you. )
  6. Finish

That’s it. It takes less than 30 minutes. If you would like more Japanese style, sprinkle over Nori seaweed and raw spring onions like I did today. Otherwise, bon appétit!

Leave a space for Dashi stocks in your luggage 

Kayanoya offers a wide variety of Dashi stocks including Low Sodium Kayanoya Dashi (My favourite), Vegetable Dashi, and Shiitake Dashi, all of which are produced without artificial flavours or preservatives.


When you come to Japan next time, consider one as a souvenir candidate! 

Dashi (だし): stock, soup stock, or, Japanese equivalent to consommé 

Produced by:
Kayanoya (茅乃舎)

Ingredients (Kayanoya Low Sodium Dashi):
Bonito flakes, dried sardine extract powder, grilled flying fish, round herring flakes, Konbu seaweed, starch hydrolysates, yeast extract, fermented seasoning (including wheat and soy beans as part of above)

Best before date:
Within approx. 1 year of purchase

Quantity and Price (Kayanoya Low Sodium Dashi):
8 g × 5 packets / 421 yen (approx. 4USD. tax included)

Available at:
Kayanoya restaurants and shops around Japan (Originally based in Fukuoka prefecture)

US online shop


Today’s なるほど (Naruhodo)!Point:

Find out a new flavour of self-cooking pasta with Kayanoya Dashi stock.


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