Snack to Power Up Your Walks in Tokyo: Seijo Ishii’s Mixed Nuts Large Pack (ミックスナッツ大袋)

GORP helps you rumbling around the metropolis too

“Finally, here we are!” – After three hours of a heavily long walk, we have arrived at the bottom of Grand Canyon. Though the fantastic flow of Colorado River eased my mind, I wanted to replace all my muscles with fresh ones whatever it takes. “But, we have to walk back to the top.” Ready for the return, I took a grasp of GORP from the ziploc of my backpack…

Not only in such a trail journey, even while you are strolling around under the skyscraper, GORP serves as your dedicating partner to drive the urban exploration.

Try Seijo Ishii’s Mixed Nuts Large Pack for your walkmate

I know Tokyo is a place where it’s relatively hard to find out GORP-like food compared to other big cities of developed countries, but Seijo Ishii, a supermarket chain conducting business across the nation, offers a reasonable selection of such quick bites. Out of them, my recommendation is Mixed Nuts Large Pack (ミックスナッツ大袋). It contains almond, walnut, macadamia nut, and cashew nut. No salt nor vegetable oil used. As far as I see in Tokyo, every store of Seijo Ishii has a bunch of stock, so you can easily get one as an alternative even if you ran out of your favourite GORP during your walk. And in my view it’s acceptable to eat it in trains that are not too crowded. Next time you’ll see the Seijo Ishii’s sign below, try popping in to explore the store.


Seijo Ishii (成城石井): one of supermarket chains

Produced by:
Seijo Ishii (成城石井)

almond, walnut, macadamia nut, and cashew nut

Best before date:
Within approx. 5 months of purchase

Quantity and Price :
300 grams / 1,286 yen (approx. 12 USD. tax included)

Available at:
Seijo Ishii stores across Japan
* Regrettably, they don’t provide English store locator service. Please kindly try to search “Seijo Ishii” + your location to find a store. 


Today’s なるほど (Naruhodo)!Point:

Energise your Tokyo hikes with Seijo Ishii’s Mixed Nuts Large Pack.


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