Suzukiya’s Senbei (すずきやのせんべい) Rice Cracker: Takeaway After Visiting Nishiarai-Daishi Temple

Artisans’ skills hidden in the middle of Senbei rice cracker

Art is sometimes hiding behind the daily lives. And sometimes you may be eating it without recognising it is a work of art. Suzukiya’s senbei rice cracker is also no exception. Located just outside of Nishiarai-Daishi Temple, they have been baking hand-made rice crackers for over 100 years. It’s hard to imagine from its simple looking that artisans make full use of their skills to bake every single piece of senbei.


What about garlic senbei for your  another stomach after dinner!  

From basic soy sauce tasted to sesami coated, you can choose depending on your preference. However, if you don’t dislike, I would strongly recommend garlic flavoured one. It’s not too strong so you don’t have to mind smells. And I believe it’s easy to try if you are used to other garlic flavoured cuisine. After visiting the temple and praying there, why not stop by this traditional senbei shop and take away some? When getting back to hotel after dinner, but if you still some spaces in your ANOTHER stomach, it’s the best to have a bite of garlic senbei rice cracker!





Ninniku (にんにく): Garlic
Senbei (せんべい):Japanese Rice cracker

Available at:

Located at: 
1-5-10 Nishi-Arai, Adachi-ku, Tokyo

Opening hours:
8:00 – 17:00 (no regular closing dates)

Ingredients (garlic flavoured senbei):
Rice, soysauce (including wheat), garlic, chili, umami seasoning (including amino acid)

*Other flavours include miso, goma (sesami), nori (seaweed), zarame (sugared), and so.

Best before date:
Within appox. 2 months of purchase

Quantity and Price:
1 piece, from 55 yen (approx. 50¢. tax included)

*Below is an image of the Main Hall of Nishiarai-Daishi Temple.



Today’s なるほど (Naruhodo)!Point:

Suzukiya’s garlic senbei rice cracker might become your addiction for your another stomach after dinner.


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