Takeyoshi Inari (武芳稲荷) : Red Torii Gates Shrine at the Backyard of Ikebukuro

Not only in Kyoto: Red Torii Gates Inari Shrine in Tokyo

Planning a visit to Kyoto? Then, Fushimi Inari Shrine, a red Torii gates Instagram-worthy shrine, might be included in your destinations. Other than Fushimi Inari, however, there are lots of shirines with beautiful vermilion Torii gates here in Tokyo too.

Purify your exciting mind after the Pokemon experience in Ikebukuro

Today, I am pleased to invite you to the Takeyoshi Inari (武芳稲荷)  Shrine located just 10-minute walk away from Ikebukuro station. If you wish to be relaxed after exploring the always-crowded Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo, why don’t you take a quick walk to this quiet sanctuary?

Pray for future success instead of playing with smartphone

According to the slate within the shrine, the deity of good harvest is worshiped here and it tells us there have been a long tradition of farming (especially producing rice) in this area. It is also believed that the deity brings us promotion and success in life. Getting through the Torii gates along with the pictures below, say a little prayer for your future.

Last but not least, please be aware that playing Pokémon GO is prohibited within the shrine. So, do stay focused on praying!

Enter from here.


Pray in front of the small shrine with clapping your hands twice.


Turn left after praying.


Return with another Torii gates.


There you’ve got back.


Torii (鳥居): Shrine’s gate

Located at: 
3-15-20 Zoshigaya, Toshima 171-0032, Tokyo
*Within Zoshigaya Kishimojindo (Kishibojindo) Temple (雑司ヶ谷鬼子母神
堂). Below is an image of Kishimojindo’s main gate.



Today’s なるほど (Naruhodo)!Point:

Pray for your futute at Takyoshi Inari Shrine with red Torii gates near Ikebukuro.


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