[Wagashi Sweets] Torayaki Haruno Kaori of Sentaro (仙太郎 トラ焼 春の香)


Want to feel the smells of spring? Try this Wagashi Sweets Torayaki Haruno Kaori offered by Sentaro (仙太郎 トラ焼 春の香).


Over a rice cake made with Japanese mugwort with Azuki red mung beans in it, a tiny piece of salted cherry blossom flower gives you an accent of spring. Please do NOT drink beer at the same time, as it completely blows away the precious moment spreading out in your mouth

Also, the name of the sweets, Torayaki, should be mentioned. They say its browned surface looks like a little tiger. Agree or not? Anyway, tora means tiger. Torayaki literally stands for tiger rice cake! Tame it well please. 



Wagashi (和菓子): Japanese sweets

Produced by:
Sentaro (仙太郎)

Rock candy, sugar, azuki red mung beans, egg, flour, cake flour, mugwort, honey, starch syrup, flour made from cooked glutinous rice, salted cherry blossom flower, agar, and sodium bicarbonate

Best before date:
Within 2 days of purchase

Quantity and Price:
1 piece, 216 yen (approx. 2$. tax included)

Available at:
Sentaro (仙太郎) wagashi sweets shops (i.e. Ikebukuro Tobu Department Store brunch)


Today’s なるほど (Naruhodo)!Point:

Sweety azuki red mung beans harmonised with salted cherry blossom flower bring you smells of spring.


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